Network of Experts

Network of Experts

Within the framework of the SUPER-LNG project has been established a network of experts as a mechanism of promoting the actions taken during the SUPER-LNG project and strengthen cooperation between signatory organizations, in the field of LNG safe storage and operation at port areas.

Specifically, the focus of the Network is the promotion of exchange of expertise on the following topics:

  1. Understanding of all the processes take place during LNG bunkering;
  2. Absorption of information about existing LNG ports, LNG hazards, and risks;
  3. Safety and security measures for LNG storage and bunkering at ports; and
  4. Developing material for LNG safety training programme.

Network Members

Members of this network are the SUPER-LNG project consortium as well as experts from universities, research institutes, classification societies, LNG terminals, and engineering companies.

Network Activities

June 2020: Participation in a webinar for discussing SUPER-LNG results and guidelines.

October 2019: Participation in the EU conference on “Safety of LNG supply at port areas” held within the framework of the project.

January 2019: Participation in a survey regarding the safety and security of LNG at ports.